Angelina Bond Klein 2003 - 2017 R.I.P. 13;

 I am Angel's Father and my name is Sebastian Klein.

I founded the Angel Forever Foundation

( 501c3 Non Profit ) in memory of my daughter Angel after losing her to suicide June 4th, 2017. 

My hope and inspiration came after finding out how much there was to Angel's story that was hidden, the Angel behind the mask.

I wanted ( and felt it was her desire as well ) for Angel to be be able to tell her story in a way she was never able to.

I now allow her story to help in advocating mental health awareness & suicide prevention; with a primary focus on teens and parents.


The Angel Forever Crusade

  The Angel Forever Crusade is about 

FILLING THE VOID OF SILENCE that is masked by the veils of stigma. It's about being pro active on the frontlines in the battle against suicide, enhancing awareness involving the signs and risk factors

related to mental health challenges and suicide; through lived experience, knowledge and support. 

Suicide has now become the 2nd leading cause of death for teenagers.

The number one obstacle in suicide prevention is silence. The thoughts, feelings and emotions that cause afflictions within our minds, due to mental health challenges, are hidden behind veils of stigma; these stigma's create the silence.

My daughter Angel battled with mental health challenges due to anxiety and hidden depression. She was a victim of bullying, and a victim of the silence stigma. Angel Forever is dedicated to piercing those veils of stigma and helping to break the silence and save lives.

Filling The Void

  FILLING THE VOID relates to the biggest obstacle in suicide prevention; SILENCE. The SILENCE STIGMA creates a veil of " we shouldn't talk about our challenges with mental health ".

It silences the individual and it silences us as a community.

FILLING THE VOID  also means helping inform and educate on mental health awareness and the challenges that come with it. Often an individual struggles to express what they feel because they don't understand what is happening themselves. Simply, because of stigma, the veil it creates, and the silence that hides behind it, what is left is THE VOID.

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